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Ing. Kristína Slezáková
Československých tankistov 49
841 06 Bratislava



Skype: kristina.matusova

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What others says about my work:

  • Jan Kovařík (carpenter):

    I wanted to be a cabinetmaker. But I did not know what are the possibilities for retraining to start a business. Kristina told me what direction to go, she find a company, that hired me, helped me with retraining.
    Today I have my own business and I am satisfied.
  • Marek Zaťko:

    Wonderful collaboration with Kristina. Superior communication and prompt solutions. She is the expert and the right person for your project.

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  • Bc. Martina Auffahrtová:

    In the beginnings of business, the best solution is to have an experienced project manager at hand. Thanks to Kristina, I was not alone, and in the end everything went smoothly. Thank you for your support in the decision to start a business, develop business, and for all practical help and valuable advice.

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  • Anežka Palajová:

    The head full of ideas can have anybody. Knowing how to translate the idea into implementing a successful project is the privilege of experienced project managers. I can see Kristina that he manages both: to fade in the imagination and to stand on a solid ground when dealing with concrete steps. Collaborates with her very well, because in addition to seeing work she is interresting also in people, who made the work.