Projects planning

I love my Trello.

What is your favourite work board tool?

Yes, there are several different platforms for organisation your work. They have different design, but the purpose is the same - to find a best tool for your project planning and run the projects.


I had tried some of them. I had started few years ago with podio. But it seems too complicated for me. I had spent hours by thinking about how to set up my projects and tasks the best way. As I told you - it was long long time ago. It was very concrete in scene, looks technicaly and structured. Maybe today it works easier and effectivity is better as it used by several giant companies you can see bellow.

Podio pic


Later, I found Monday. It looks nice, modern, user friendly, but I found out, for me it is too much in schemes and not that much user friendly. I mean in comparison to Trello, it is not so much intuitive. I appreciate the colourful models which will be perfect for all the management and operation tracking needs your team has. But for me it is again too systematic and I miss a creativity board, Monday is project planner for me. I miss a space for project development there.



So I have recieved a recommendation from my brother to try Trello. We have set up a team of two people to solve our company stuff on monthly basis. Then I have there few boards for my own projects, which sometimes share with some friends or coleagues and finally there are all my projects, which I am recently solving for my clients. I can divided this for multiple teams, I can add my pdf files, To do lists, pictures, screenshots or links on google docs. etc.

I know, the other programs do this also, just my personal experience is, that in Trello you can do it very intuitive, easily and change it very fast.

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Now, I am registered to Kantree, so I will let you know, if I'll moved my projects from Trello there.. Untill now, it seems as a compromise between Monday and Trello..

and I making a mistakes by writiting Katreen instead of


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