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Who is Kristina Slezáková and what is TheProjectLab

I see, how the world is colorful and that the black color is necessary for us, to be impressed, when you see the rainbow.

I want to participate on good projects, work with people you can trust, to do things clearly and right. To help people fulfill their dreams. To be stronger and competitive in the big world.

I am the good one. Friend with ecology. Positive mood. Good vibration. I love to discover new ocassions to explore. Educated in social-economy, trained in food processing industry. Knowledge from the international research projects funded by European Comission as project manager of the commercial company.

"Let's make your project together"

Kristína Slezáková

What others says about my work:

  • Jan Kovařík (carpenter):

    I wanted to be a cabinetmaker. But I did not know what are the possibilities for retraining to start a business. Kristina told me what direction to go, she find a company, that hired me, helped me with retraining.
    Today I have my own business and I am satisfied.
  • Marek Zaťko:

    Wonderful collaboration with Kristina. Superior communication and prompt solutions. She is the expert and the right person for your project.

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  • Bc. Martina Auffahrtová:

    In the beginnings of business, the best solution is to have an experienced project manager at hand. Thanks to Kristina, I was not alone, and in the end everything went smoothly. Thank you for your support in the decision to start a business, develop business, and for all practical help and valuable advice.

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  • Anežka Palajová:

    The head full of ideas can have anybody. Knowing how to translate the idea into implementing a successful project is the privilege of experienced project managers. I can see Kristina that he manages both: to fade in the imagination and to stand on a solid ground when dealing with concrete steps. Collaborates with her very well, because in addition to seeing work she is interresting also in people, who made the work.